Caitlin Jeffery

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on January 18, 2013

In Net Smart, I felt a lot of his information applied greatly to my job. In chapter 3, he discusses being mindful of what you put on the Internet and how people just post whatever on Facebook and Twitter. I work in recruiting and you will be amazed how many people get Googled during their interview process or how many employers track what you put out there. We have had clients not want to pursue a candidate because of a trash talking post about their current company on Facebook.
The Internet is a great tool in recruiting. LinkedIn definitely uses the idea of collaboration through networks from chapter 6. You can expand who you know and link up to people to find the job or employees that are a perfect fit. It also helps with crap detection. I have found 3 resumes from one person listing different job histories. The Internet can be used for so much more than people think about and people should be mindful of whatever they post because once it is online it is always there. People don’t realize that a picture from 10 years ago could be used to judge them now. Imagine if everything your best friend knew about you was searchable. How comfortable would you be with that? By posting everything and not being mindful that is exactly what can happen. That is why people need to always doublecheck what they post and asl themselves if they really want the world knowing what they are about to write forever.

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