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House of Leaves: Digital Artifact

on April 18, 2013

I played around with how the hallway changed and made a video with altered images of my hallway. The song is “Virgin State of Mind.”


9 responses to “House of Leaves: Digital Artifact

  1. Caitlin, that was fantastic! You had an almost Kubrickian style going on there with the geometric shifting patterns. Very cool. I thought it was a great representation of the shifting house, and paired with the song it admirably replicates the uncanny (or “unheimlich”) quality of the book. Great job.

    • Thanks Tim! I like playing with pics and video. This song is from the Buffy soundtrack, which I kept listening to as I read the book. Something about HOL really fit the music. Maybe the dark, tragic angst.

      • Yeah I hear ya, when I first read the book I lived alone and played this ominous soundtrack I’d discovered along with it, mostly at night as well. The book seems to completely encompass the idea of the uncanny.

  2. This is great. You’ve made something so ordinary seem disorienting and the song adds a melancholy quality. Huge fan of K’s Choice, btw.

  3. carrieglovka says:

    Excellent idea here Caitlin! I think your distortion of a hallway was absolutely fitting to this project. Very nice!

  4. vonepho says:

    Like Jesse said, this video has a disorienting quality, which perfectly matches up to HoL. I liked how you chose your home for the video. It makes the experience more intimate and relatable; similar effects to HoL’s intentions.

  5. It’s funny, but I almost used this almost claustrophobic hallway I have in my house to make a video but it is pretty bare so I decided against it. I think one of the things that helps create the disorientation in your video are the patterned rugs. Having something to focus on that stands out can throw your brain into overdrive when the camera is changing focus. Great work!

  6. I’m going to pipe in here and say that the video doesn’t just disorient, it asks us to reorient, to reconsider the subtle nature of something as easily overlooked as a hallway. The different perspectives you present here ask us to stop believing that a hallway is just a hallway; not only can it change depending on how you look at it, how you look at it changes after you’ve seen it in new ways. I, for one, will not look at my own simple hallway the same way again.

    The shapes of our houses haunt us with their regularity. It is exactly this that caused the obsession in Navidson from the beginning. If something stops making sense, we are driven to inspect it — or prompted to flee. If a thing as innocent as a hallway can stir our flight-or-fight response, how do we remain safely in our homes?

  7. LanSolo says:

    What I really liked about your video is the way you captured the weird disorienting and creepy feeling a person can get when alone in the dark. Things that aren’t usually scary or even considered during the daylight is super creepy at night. You even made some shadows that looked like a scary face! Very cool work!

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