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No one ever really gets used to nightmares

on May 2, 2013

To challenge how we read, I took a quote I really enjoyed from HOL “No one ever really gets used to nightmares” and cut it into pieces “No one/ever/really/gets/used to/nightmares” and went to and “click surfed” the synonyms. The synonym for no one was nobody, the synonym for nobody was menial, and so on. The sentence transformed and after 27 synonym clicks for each word it became “Negligence deadly abhorrent dread extinguished melancholy.” I loved dissecting the individual words and seeing them transform with each click in front of me. It was chaotic and fluid, like the book. My only rules was I could never use the same word twice. I liked how dark and nightmarish the sentence became and how deconstruction is a nightmare in itself.

I pasted the words into a cool hallway picture I found and made the hallway form the words. See below for the different pictures.

Final Version:

With Just Text:


No one ever really gets used to nightmares
Nobody consistently actually acquires accustomed hallucination
Menial frequently absolutely procures addicted aberration
Boring much exactly effects absorbed delusion
Irksome extravagant correctly conclusion immersed mirage
Vexing bizarre perfectly culmination rapt fantasy
Hassle grotesque quite consummation enamored apparition
Disagreement eerie just realization enchanted phantasm
Strife unearthly dispassionate grasp fascinated shadow
Competition sublime aloof embrace intoxicated obscurity
Antagonism outrageous cold entwine inebriated ambiguity
Antipathy egregious intense surround wasted puzzle
Loathing nefarious burning circumvent haggard perplex
Repugnance detestable incandescent emaciated complicate
Objection atrocious effulgent disappoint gaunt elaborate
Doubt flagrant radiant disillusion desolate imposing
Hesitation infamous lustrous embitter destroyed grandiose
Equivocation perverse polished irritate overwhelmed egotistic
Fallacy spiteful shining exasperate affected narcissistic
Paradox vindictive glistening gall damaged conceited
Enigma merciless slick animosity impaired vain
Bewilderment mortal icy antagonism debilitated ostentatious
Discombobulation lethal bitter hostility decrepit pompous
Stupor malignant sour malevolence antiquated pretentious
Lethargy fatal rancid malice repugnance archaic hollow
Apathy catastrophic loathsome revulsion obsolete depressed
Indifference tragic abominable horror extinct dejected
Negligence deadly abhorrent dread extinguished melancholy


3 responses to “No one ever really gets used to nightmares

  1. theblume says:

    Great work Caitlin! I really enjoyed all the powerful words.

  2. carrieglovka says:

    Caitlin, what a fun idea! I really like how you deconstructed the words and created a work of art. I also thought your descriptive process of “chaotic and fluid” was spot on!

  3. vonepho says:

    Cool interpretation, Caitlin. That one picture of a hallway and what you added to each does provide distinct effects. I got, starting from the bottom up, Sunday brunch, Star Wars, and Twilight Zone, tinged with HoL, of course.

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